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Residents of the Buena Vista neighbourhood are invited to attend a public meeting to review and discuss a draft neighbourhood-wide traffic plan for their area. The meeting will be hosted by the City of Saskatoon, Transportation Division.

On June 6, 2017 Buena Vista residents participated in discussions and identified ideas and solutions to address traffic concerns in their neighbourhood. Based on feedback and information received during this meeting, other sources, traffic counts and existing traffic studies, the Transportation Division has prepared a draft neighbourhood-wide traffic plan. The meeting on October 10th will provide Buena Vista residents, business owners, property owners, local groups and other stakeholders an opportunity to comment on specific traffic adjustments being proposed for this neighbourhood.

Please join us as we discuss the traffic issues that affect you and your neighbourhood.

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For more information, please contact:
Justine Marcoux, P.Eng., Transportation Engineer

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Sheryl Madsen over 1 year ago

Just was looking at the recommendations. On Lorne and 5th it said an active pedestrian crossing and I was unsure what that would be. Also I believe that ramping that up on the NW corner could only be done by doing a bump out, because of the location of a large tree there which would be a good thing to increase visibility. I also think it is important that snow removal are made aware of this because they often leave a snow burm there, maybe not realizing that it is an intersection. Moving parking back about one spot in front of Taste Buds would help, though a bump out there would be good too A watch for pedestrians or children sign at the alley going on to Lorne between 4th and 5th would be good. Very blind, cars don't stop to look for traffic until they are on the sidewalk. More than 20 kids walk that route Thanks. Sorry I can't make the meeting

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Justine Marcoux admin over 1 year ago

Hello Sheryl, Thank-you for your comments. An example of an active pedestrian device proposed at Lorne Ave & 5th St is shown on pg 17 of "Attachment: Document - Buena Vista - Presentation October 10, 2017". A pedestrian-activated push button will trigger overhead flashing yellow lights. An example of this can be found at Clarence Ave and 11th St. In regards to your suggestion for a bump out, we typically do not install our traffic calming devices on arterial roadways, in which case would be Lorne Ave. I'll be sure to pass along your comments regarding snow removal to our Public Works Division. Lastly, we'll take a look at the visibility at Lorne Ave & 2nd St (next to Tastebuds) to determine if additional parking restrictions are needed to improve the sight lines. Regards, Justine Marcoux, Transportation Division, City of Saskatoon

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Mark Teed over 1 year ago

Thanks to Justine and everyone else from the COS for the recent meeting on Buena Vista traffic. I found the meeting informative and appreciated the city's efforts to allow resident input into plans for our neighbourhood.

I live on 7th St near Melrose. I've only been here since March 2017 but already I've seen several near miss collisions. In each case it has been vehicles heading north on Melrose at relatively high rates of speed not yielding the right of way to vehicles on 7th St.

The speed of vehicles between 5th and 7th was discussed at the meeting and I understand there are plans to revise the corner and crosswalk at 6th St. This should help however I suggests one additional small change at the corner or 7th St for northbound traffic.

I suggest the YIELD sign needs to be moved from the utility pole behind the tree to its own pole closer to the street. And possibly add another YIELD sign on the median. Please look at the photos attached which show how the YIELD sign is hidden until you are quite close to the corner.

Thanks for your consideration. Feel free to contact me to discuss further if needed.


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