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ERINDALE and ARBOR CREEK Neighbourhood Traffic Review

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 (7:00p.m. - 9:00p.m)

Father Robinson School (530 Rogers Road)

On April 4, 2017 Erindale and Arbor Creek residents participated in discussions and identified ideas and solutions to address traffic concerns in their neighbourhood. Based on feedback and information received during this meeting, other sources, traffic counts, traffic analysis and existing traffic studies, the Transportation Division has prepared a draft area-wide traffic plan.  

The meeting on September 19, 2017 will provide Erindale and Arbor Creek residents, business owners, property owners, local groups and other stakeholders an opportunity to comment on specific traffic adjustments being proposed for this neighbourhood.

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Lanre Akindipe, Transportation Engineer




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4 Responses

Peter Gallen 12 months ago

It would be helpful if the bus stops on Berini Drive (south of Attridge Drive) were moved further north closer to Attridge. Both my 3-year old grand-daughter and a mobility-impaired gentleman I talked to at the bus stop agreed that the walk to/from the library is much too long.

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Yang Li admin 12 months ago

Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your comment with us. I will forward your suggestion to proper department for further consideration.

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Anna Anthony 12 months ago

I was sorry to miss the September community meeting. Can you explain how you foresee the traffic circle at Kenderdine and Kerr functioning better than the current 4 way stop? In the morning, heavy traffic comes from West on Kerr heading to McOrmond, and from the south part of Kenderdine, turning right onto Kerr toward McOrmond. With a traffic circle, the people on Kenderdine will be continually yielding to the traffic coming from West on Kerr, and there will be little opportunity to merge. The 4 way stop makes these two lines of traffic take turns.

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Yang Li admin 11 months ago

Hi Anna, thanks for your comments. Roundabout moves traffic through an intersection more quickly and with less congestion on approaching roads as it promotes a continuous flow of traffic. Unlike other intersections with traffic light or 4-way stop control, drivers don't have to have a complete stop or wait the green light at a roundabout to get through the intersection. Our traffic analysis and modeling indicates that the roundabout will provide adequate gaps for vehicles entering into the intersection from all approaches.

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