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Thanks to everyone who completed our Growth Plan Survey, the survey is now closed. We'll share results from the survey and public meetings in 2015.

Saskatoon is changing.  It is how we manage change that is important. Public engagement is now underway to evaluate the possibilities for the Growth Plan's core initiatives of Corridor Redevelopment, Future Transit and Core Area Bridges. Please review the following workbooks to guide you through these possibilities.

We would also like to start talking about how we plan for Employment Areas as Saskatoon grows.  Please share your thoughts in the discussion below.

There are some important decisions to be made and may opportunities for input.  Be part of Saskatoon's future by sharing your thoughts about the Growth Plan to Half a Million

To find out more about the Growth Plan, watch this video. 


Saskatoon has 3 main employment areas: North Industrial, Downtown and University of Saskatchewan lands. Learn more about Employment Areas then join the discussion!

  • Should we continue to focus our employment growth in the North Industrial, Downtown and University areas?
  • Should we develop one or more new major employment areas?
  • Should we distribute employement areas throughout the city?

Why and how would these strategies impact you?

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