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Discussion: Smart Meters


Smart Meters are electronic meters that, once an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is added, can measure and record actual power usage and water usage and transmit that data wirelessly over a secure network to a central data management system.

The City is investigating the implementation of an appropriate AMI system for Saskatoon that would make both electricity and water meters 'smart'.

Smart meters would provide a number of benefits to customers and the City. Please view the Smart Meters information in the documents that are attached, then click on the "Topic" at the bottom to provide us with your comments. This discussion will be open until February 28, 2014. A summary of all comments received will be incorporated into a March 2014 Report to City Council

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Attachment: Document - Info on Smart Meters, Benefits and Billing


Frequently Asked Questions about Smart Meters, the Benefits of Smart Meters, and How Smart Meter Billing will work.

Attachment: Document - Tips to Reduce Water and Electricity Use

Attachment: Document - It's Your Health


Health Canada has concluded that exposure to RF (Radio Frequency) energy from smart meters does not pose a public health risk.

Attachment: Document - City Council Reports on AMI Smart Meters


The first report (pgs. 1-10) asks for City Council's approval to issue an RFP for consulting services for this projects. The second report (pgs. 11-15) asks for City Council's approval to award the RFP for consulting services to Util-Assist Inc.

Attachment: Document - How Smart Meters Work

Attachment: Document - Power Service Map


The attached map shows which neighbourhoods in Saskatoon receive their power service from Saskatoon Light and Power and which receive power service from Sask Power.


Topic: Smart Meters

Smart Meters would provide a number of benefits to customers and the City. Please view the Smart Meters information and provide us with your comment

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