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Are there traffic concerns in your neighbourhood? Do you have ideas and suggestions to address the issues? We want to hear from you!

Residents of Wildwood are invited to attend a public meeting to identify and discuss local traffic issues in the neighbourhood. The meeting will be hosted by the City of Saskatoon, Transportation Division.

The Transportation Division will examine the issues identified at this meeting, gather additional information through traffic counts, and prepare a comprehensive plan to address traffic concerns across the entire Wildwood neighbourhood. The plan will be presented at a follow-up meeting in fall 2017/early 2018.

All local stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please join us as we discuss the traffic issues that affect your neighbourhood.

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For more information, please contact:
Lanre Akindipe, P.Eng., Transportation Engineer

Share your ideas and suggestions to address traffic concerns in your neighbourhood. Click the blue 'View Topic' box to join the discussion.

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Peter Gallen 7 months ago

Could you please post here online the Wildwood maps and other documentation that will be used at the review.

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Lanre Akindipe admin 6 months ago

The Wildwood neighbourhood plan is included as part of the attachments. The intent of this first meeting is to listen to residents about their concerns in the neighbourhood. The attached plan is the only document that we will be bringing along. Thanks.

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Don Miller 6 months ago

comment...I have a major concern with our traffic light system in Wildwood, as well as every other area of the City. There appears to be no definitive plan as to the installation of the declining numerical walk lights. I am really fed up with having to constantly watch the "blinky walk lights" and wonder when will I get an amber light! I have also timed in an un scientific way the time between when the amber lights up and the red lights up. Appears to be no consistency in Saskatoon. This is a major traffic hazard in itself, not providing sufficient time to clear the intersections. I have driven all over Canada and find we have some of the poorest traffic movement design. Even extending the time the lights remain amber would be a big help in eliminating our "running lights" problem.

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