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    Travis Kieluk about 5 years ago

    Good idea to have parking restrictions during high traffic commute times, but if you allow parking during these times from Idylwyld Dr to Ave F you don't solve any traffic flow problems in that area. If you look at the downtown shopping district people will often not get a parking spot in front of where they want to shop and end up having to walk a reasonable distance to their destination, so having to park on one of the side streets in the area should not be to much to ask of people doing any shopping in the area. Furthermore, the placement of garbage and recycling containers on a high traffic lanes is not helping matters. For the amount of pedestrian traffic on sidewalks just east of Ave P. on 33rd St. the bins could be placed on the sidewalks. In winter keeping all four lanes free of snow is the goal on any main artery such as 33rd St.. Last winter much of the outer two lanes on 33rd St., East of Ave P. were not used due to snow being piled there; with the increased traffic flow over recent years this is no longer an acceptable practice.

    I strongly support both the addition of pedestrian lights at Ave C and D and the left turn restrictions. I question the parking restrictions, as the existing restrictions are not enforced nor respected - if you're bringing this in, enforcement needs to be increased to have any effect.