Project: Dog Parks

Dog Parks are naturalized spaces that provide exercise and socializing opportunities for dogs and people. Licenced dogs are legally permitted to be off-leash, while still under the control of their handler. 

There are currently 7 dog parks in Saskatoon, with an eighth opening May 2015 in Hyde Park. 

We'll post information here about new Dog Park applications and projects:

How to Request a Dog Park in your Neighbourhood

  • Establish a Dog Park Ambassador group. This group should consist of a minimum of five members.
  • Once your Neighbourhood Dog Park Ambassador group is established you can contact the Animal Services Open Space Consultant for a copy of and to review the Dog Park Application.
  • Applications for Dog Parks are due by May 1 of each year.
  • The City will review each application and determine if the site is available for the use of a Dog Park.

Dog Park Updates

The new Dog Park located in Hyde Park is now open! This is a 4.1 Naturalized space located in the Rosewood Neighbourhood. It is located off Boychuck Dr. and Slimmon Rd.  This will be the closest alternate Dog Park for residents in the vicinity of Briarwood Dog Park. A complete listing of available Dog Parks can be found on the map. 

HYDE PARK UPDATE: Since the park has opened at the beginning of June there has been an influx of concern over the gateless entry.  Animal Services will be looking into the cost and timeline of adding gates at this location, and moving towards implementing a gateless entry strategy at a more suitable location.  Animal Services is also in the process of installing grates over the culvert entrance to prevent animals from entering. 

Brighton Dog Park Development
The City of Saskatoon Recreation and Sport Division has identified a District Park within the Brighton neighbourhood for the development of a new Dog Park. This development will take place as construction allows.

Closure of the Briarwood Dog Park
The Briarwood Dog Park was permanently closed April 30, 2015 due to the preparatory site development for the Brighton neighbourhood. Construction crews have started development in controlled areas of the site since early Spring and the construction of new homes is anticipated to begin in early 2016.

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