Posted May 2017

The downtown Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Project is now entering its final summer season and the City would like feedback to determine if its project goals are being met.

The Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Project’s goal is to increase accessibility for all ages and abilities to the downtown. It wants to achieve this by making the Central Business District a more attractive and vibrant destination to the benefit of the entire city. The project is also a step towards implementation of the City’s Active Transportation Plan, making it easier and more secure to get into and around downtown.

Preliminary data indicate protected bike lanes use is in line with what other cities such as Calgary and Vancouver have experienced during their demonstration projects. An average of more than 300 people per day are using the separate bike lanes to safely navigate downtown streets while limiting impacts to vehicles and pedestrians.

The City’s Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Project was approved in March of 2015 with a lane opening on 23rd Street later that year. The 4th Avenue lane was opened in May of 2016. In response to some preliminary feedback from downtown businesses and people who bike downtown, the City is planning some alterations in spring 2017.

The protected bike lanes support City Council’s Strategic Priorities for 2016 to 2020 of improved downtown development and environmental sustainability while meeting transportation needs of a growing city. A report and a recommendation on the future of the project will be prepared for City Council in fall 2017.   

For more information on Protected Bike Lanes, visit or share your feedback on this page. 

If you prefer, you may submit your comments to the Protected Bike Lane Demo Project coordinators at

UPDATE: Users are required to login so that comments may be attributed and there is an option to opt in for further engagement. This Discussion Forum is one piece of the conversation about the downtown protected bike lanes and public feedback will be gathered through other formats throughout the demonstration project's final summer. Minor modifications to the bike lanes are being implemented in spring 2017 after which time a survey will be available to capture further feedback. Please check back soon!

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