Victoria Avenue has undergone a redesign in order to improve the corridor, be consistent with the directions in the Active Transportation Plan, and more support choices for how people travel along Victoria Avenue between 8th Street and downtown Saskatoon.  This project is being completed in conjunction with planned water and sewer upgrades and sidewalk rehabilitation work to save on time and budget.  This redesign will also integrate with the new Traffic Bridge and connections to downtown.


The redesigned corridor features:

·         One traffic lane per direction;

·         On-street parking between 8th Street and 11th Street;

·         Sidewalks on both sides;

·         Raised cycle track on both sides;

·         Pedestrian activated corridor crossings at Main Street and 11th Street; and

·         Standard crosswalks at all other intersections with curb extensions where possible.

These details can be found on the attached drawing and where developed through a corridor review and community engagement.  We listened to the community and made modifications to our plan, which have been positively received.


Construction is scheduled for this summer, so watch for notices and please slow down, pay attention, and respect work zones.  Watch for pedestrians and work crews, and for everyone’s safety, please obey all detours, signs, and barriers.


For more information please contact:

Chelsea Lanning, P.Eng., Transportation Engineer

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