Silverwood Off Leash Recreation Area

The open house will share information about proposed adjustments that will better define the perimeter of the dog park to improve the experience for both dog park users and the pedestrians and cyclists that use the Meewasin trail.  Feedback gathered will be incorporated into a final redesign plan to amend the park’s boundaries, through new fencing and gates, subject to the approval of the Meewasin Valley Authority and City Council.  Construction is targeted for 2018

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Do you currently visit the Silverwood Dog park?
How often do you visit the Dog Park
Did you attend the Public Open House held at Rusty McDonald Library?
Do you think the upgrades to the project are a benefit for the Dog Park?
Will you frequent the Dog Park more often once the fence is installed?
Do you think the upgrades are beneficial to the park, and do you think they will provide better accessibility for the user groups of the park?
Do you live in Saskatoon?
How many Dogs do you own?
If you responded that the upgrades would be beneficial to the park, please indicate all reasons why you believe it would be beneficial