About Surveys

Shaping Saskatoon is taking a poll of public opinion and needs your help. Complete the surveys on this page to contribute your opinion and help shape an initiative in your community.

The purpose of the Parking Strategy is to develop a long-term plan that will provide for an appropriate supply of parking in the Downtown and adjacent commercial areas.

We Need Your Input!

We have presented some key recommendations to address our parking needs now and into the future. We would appreciate your input on these proposed directions.

Please complete the survey on the back of this page and leave it with us. We would also like to hear your thoughts tonight at the Open House. You may also email any comments to:  parking.study@saskatoon.ca

Your input is important and will help refine our Parking Strategy and develop the action plan that will lead to adjustments to the parking system in the short-term. Your input will also help establish a long-term plan to guide parking in the Downtown and surrounding areas, as we grow to a population of 500,000.


Thank you for participating in this important study.

The purpose of the Winter City Strategy is to identify ways in which we can work collectively to make our city a great place to live in the winter time!

The video provides information on what the Winter City Strategy is, what we hope to achieve and how you can get involved! 

We Need Your Input!

The Winter City Strategy is about improving our:

Winter Life: Celebrating the inviting and fun quality of life we have here, even in the coldest months of the year.

Winter Design: Improving community comfort and accessibility for everyone, even in the ice and snow.

Winter Culture: Building enthusiasm for winter, taking advantage of winter opportunities, and telling the story of our winter city.

Winter Economy: Addressing challenges associated with winter to create a more vibrant economy in the winter.

More information on winter life, winter design, winter culture and winter economy can be found at saskatoon.ca/wintercityyxe